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Pacific Seamoss (30)

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Pacific Seamoss (30) is not available to United States (US).

Pacific SeaMoss 30C, 10 to 14 day supply, is seaweed harvested from the ocean and provided in a convenient capsule or powder. Each pouch has 30 capsules – enough for your first 2 weeks . Try it. Discover the difference


Pacific Seamoss is not just Healthy Food but Food for Good Health. “Seaweed Made Easy” in capsule form. Grown in clean tropical waters in Southern Philippines. Nothing added. Pure. Organic. Pacific Seamoss has shown health benefits to Japanese, Korean and Chinese people for millennia. Seaweed is full of vitamins and minerals

  • Nutrients and trace elements include the following. For a full break down check out the blog on
  • Potassium, iodine, selenium, zinc and iron and surprisingly elements such as sulfur and low in sodium. Investigate why seaweed is so full of nutrients.
  • No Fat
  • High in fibre
  • Full of vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin B but is low in Vitamin D, E and K.

Pacific Seamoss has 30 capsules so it is good for 10 days or so at 2 to 3 per day. To order more increase the quantity at cart or checkout. Alternatively, select a 1 month supply of 90  Multiple months has automatically  added discount.

If you are vegetarian or halal, then choose the 100g powder package.

Around the world researchers are looking for novel ways to harness sea vegetables. From replacement of fuel, to food, animal health, plant biostimulants and human food. But it turns out a small daily serve of seaweed assists in good health. Pacific Seamoss 30 provide a daily serve of fibre, and provides very effective prebiotic and anti-inflammatory additions to your normal diet.

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