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Pacific Seamoss Vegan Capsules

120 Capsules 100% Vegan
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120 Capsules 100% Vegan
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From Our Clients

seaweed reduces period pain

Amazing. For years, my periods have been so bad that I have been in immense pain, unable to move, sometimes losing consciousness, throwing up, unable to sleep, even with NSAIDs and a hot water bottle around the clock. Every month I factor in two days of non-work due to my period, and fortunately these two days fall on a weekend so I don’t miss too much work, but it is miserable. My first period after trying the seaweed capsules (every other day – I forgot to take them every day) was practically painless. The pain went from an 8-10 down to a 2-4, sometimes 0, and felt more like having an uncomfortably full bladder, or a dull ache, than the usual excruciating period pain.

Emma from Newcastle

seaweed reduces period pain

My period sneaks up on me when I am taking the seaweed as my symptoms are so reduced. When it begins, it’s the first time in many years that I have actually been able to work/play/do whatever I would normally do! I stopped taking the seaweed to ensure that this was what was improving my symptoms. After one month with pain again, I will be ordering for as long as you are selling!

Tiffany from Sydney

“My nails grow stronger every day” says Cathy. “I take seaweed each day, as it is great to be able to have that one serve of vegetables, with no preparation. Not only did the aches in my knees disappear, and make it easier to kayak and walk but really what is odd is my nails grow stronger every day and don’t break.

Cathy from Sunshine Coast Australia

pacific seamoss reduces joint pain

My creaking aching knees are gone. They just disappeared after 3 weeks on seaweed. How odd! Creaking aching knees gone! I’m a printer with a printing and marketing business called 4CP, and I often have to squat down to pick up a box of paper or similar stored under the bench. The printer tray is right down at the bottom of the machine. Over the years, my knees start to complain and I have to hang onto the benches to get back up again.
After 4 weeks I realised I had squatted down, picked up a box and had no pain.
That’s what pain is like – you get so used to it it takes a while when it disappears. Remarkable!


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Biosea Health seamoss fixed my knee

This product is amazing. I was only on the tablets just over a month and my knee which has been causing me pain and inflammation for over five years is now pain free. My hair is growing super fast and I believe I am feeling better overall.

It is not for everyone – my husband was on the seaweed, and while he had improvements they were not as much as I experienced. What do you have to loose?  Try it for yourself.


I had pain in my thumb joints in both hands at a level that I found it hard to twist lids off jars or even use a screwdriver. About 3 to 4 months later I realized that the pain had nearly gone and it has stayed that way for the last 18 months.


I have definitely noticed reduced severity and length of period pain since I started taking the seaweed