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Pacific Seamoss Powder


Pacific Seamoss is “Seaweed Made Easy” in powder form. Make a delicious smoothie or apply it to your meal as a tasty seasoning. Or mix in correct quantity and include in your choice of chocolate or sourdough bread. Recipes on

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Pacific Seamoss is “Seaweed Made Easy” in powder form. Packet size is 100g, which is 40 days of serving size 2.5g (1/2 a teaspoon). Make a delicious smoothie, include in chocolate or sourdough, or add to your meal as a tasty seasoning. Grown in clean tropical waters in Southern Philippines. Nothing added. Pure. Pacific Seamoss has shown health benefits to Japanese, Korean and Chinese people for millennia. Thesame dry seaweed in the capsules is provided free  – vegan, vegetarian and organic.

The flavour can be hidden in other products and some customers do use this as they cannot swallow capsules. Some, not many, really like the unami flavour and will add to their mashed potatoes or food to give it that salty flavour.  Not that it is salty  – the potassium levels are high and 5 times that of sodium so the salt levels are healthy.  For a full breakdown of the vitamin and mineral content check out the label.

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