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Pacific Seamoss (90)

(3 customer reviews)

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Pacific SeaMoss 90C, one months supply, is seaweed harvested from the ocean and provided in a convenient capsule or powder. Each pouch has 90 capsules – enough for your first month. Try it. If it doesn’t help in the first month, call or email and we will refund. No questions asked. We are that confident that Pacific Seamoss, taken daily will provide a range of health benefits.

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Pacific Seamoss 90 foil pack is not just Healthy Food but Food for Good Health. “Seaweed Made Easy” in a form easy to consume. Grown in clean tropical waters in Southern Philippines. Nothing added. Pure. Organic. Pacific Seamoss has shown health benefits to Japanese, Korean and Chinese people for millennia.
Pacific Seamoss seaweed analysis demonstrates that it is packed full of goodness.

  • Nutrients and trace elements include the following. For a full break down check out the blog on
  • Potassium, iodine, selenium, zinc and iron and surprisingly elements such as sulfur and low in sodium. Investigate why seaweed is so full of nutrients.
  • No Fat
  • High in fibre
  • Full of vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin B but is low in Vitamin D, E and K.

Pacific Seamoss – 90 in the Package is a convenient size. To order more increase the quantity at cart or checkout for 2 or 3 months supply (with automatic added discount).

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Interim customer survey results are surprising and Pacific Seamoss has some really unexpected results. Most comment that they have improved hair growth. Improved nail growth and strength. What is more interesting is that for some they report improved memory, less anxiety, better sleep and other outcomes that are understandable. Read more about this on Bioseahealth Website

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3 reviews for Pacific Seamoss (90)

  1. Michelle Strongman (verified owner)

    This product is amazing. I was only on the tablets just over a month and my knee which has been causing me pain and inflammation for over five years is now pain free. My hair is growing super fast and I believe I am feeling better overall

  2. Christopher Sly (verified owner)

    I was waking at night with extreme knee pain. I had a few niggles before, but this time I was worried it would stop me from doing things I love to do like solo sailing. I got back on the seaweed which I had stopped for a while and the pain went away. Seems to happen every time I stop taking the seaweed, so you got me! Christopher Sly

  3. Beverley Baldwin (verified owner)

    These capsules are making such a difference to my life. I have a bad knee and need an operation so have been on anti inflammatory tabs to help give me some painless comfort but now taking these caps I have not needed to take anti inflammatory anymore and swear by these capsules

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