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Arthritis Pain Reduced Testimonials

Arthritis pain reduced with seaweed Pacific Seamoss

Extracts from seaweed have been studied since early 2000’s and provided variable results, but customers who eat Pacific Seamoss whole seaweed say their arthritis pain is reduced. Some have even stopped taking normal drugs. Want to read more about seaweed and arthritis? (Biosea Health Website) Here are some testimonials from customer surveys.

Arthritis Pain reduced with Seaweed

I have been taking two tablets a day for some months now, and – at nearly 80 years old – have been literally free from all ailments, inc knee pain from which I used to suffer periodically.
Wendy has also been taking two teaspoons of seaweed powder daily for some months, and thinks it is brilliant – being now free from knee pain, which relates to a previous accident. Also she is suffering less from night leg cramps than before, and says that she thinks the powder has also kept head-colds at bay.

Roy Marlow UK

They always say experiment on yourself first. 15 years back pain. Seaweed stopped it. Perhaps I should have self experimented more! Read more here

Prof Lindsday Brown

The surgeon said I needed a meniscus scrape. After a few weeks on seaweed, I could run 5 km again

I wanted to do 4 to 5 km each morning, and I’ve been to the doctor and he says I need to get the bone shaved off to stop the pain in my meniscus. That procedure is complex. I started taking seaweed about 6 weeks ago. The pain in my knee has gone. I can run freely, even up steep hills. Has seaweed stopped meniscus repair

Dominic Caloundra, Australia

After 3 or 4 weeks I realised I had squatted down, picked up a box and had no pain. Thinking about it more, I realised I been doing that movement for a week and hadn’t even noticed pain. That’s what pain is like – you get so used to it it takes a while when it disappears. No holding onto the table to haul myself back up. Remarkable!

Wayne Knetter Woombye, Australia

This product is amazing. I was only on the tablets just over a month and my knee which has been causing me pain and inflammation for over five years is now pain free. My hair is growing super fast and I believe I am feeling better overall


Arthritis Pain Reduced – it is Painless! Onow and check if you are one of the 60%+ who get relief. Just natural organic food. Food for Health.

If you or a friend have aches and pains, why not try?

We expect that it may take up to 4 to 6 weeks to notice any change.

Full money back guarantee. If it does not provide a benefit then no questions asked.

I have found this brand of sea moss has had a noticeable effect on my knee pain and a noticeable effect on my mood in a positive way .

Marilyn, Sussex UK

“My experience was positive. I feel that it was more beneficial for my arthritis then period pain given my age.
I stopped taking it for a couple of weeks and I noticed my aches and pains were worse especially first thing in the morning. They improved when I started taking it again.


Taking it regularly is difficult for people, I had slowed but am ramping it up . My stiffness is quite noticeable and hopeful this may allievate it a bit.

Andrew, NZ

My inflammation levels have risen recently & I do have some joint pain now. So I think the seaweed has helped to control the inflammation from the auto-immune disease that I have. It’s always been difficult to tell how much effect the seaweed has had, because I’m also on medication. But, let’s see how I go now that I’m taking seaweed again.


My aches and pains have gone.

Cathy, Sunshine Coast

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