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Period Pain Testimonials

testimonials of period pain reduction by eating seaweed

Many of our customers have provided us with overwhelming period pain testimonials on the reduction of pain, of reduced PM symptoms, and of menorrhagia reduction. All have agreed in writing to share their story. Most do not want to have their full names disclosed. Periods are still very much not spoken about publically. There is a movement and actions by Governments to make it less so – particularly for younger women. See more at BioseaHealth (click here to read this post).

Period Pain Testimonials 75% Women Benefit

The data from over 150 testimonials show that 65% have a positive outcome.

I basically have had minimal to zero pain the last two cycles when my period has started. I’m putting it down to taking 2 seaweed capsules everyday in the week leading up to bleeding. The months before the trail, my pain level was very bad on day 1 & 2. I definately think seaweed could be a solution!

Aleah from Australia

I have definitely noticed reduced severity and length of period pain since I started taking the seaweed

Sarah from victoria

First period while taking seamoss was promising. No back pain, a tiny bit reduced abdominal pain. The second period (just at the end of the 1st month supply) sadly was less improved. Again no / barely any backpain, but very strong abdominal pain, so bad that I barely could sleep. Also the period flow changed. Lots of brown spotting, only 2-3 days of “fresh” bleeding.

SB London

Sorry this product didn’t work for me I have had to stop using as I have developed a skin rash over my entire body

Jason from Portsmouth

Able to deal with period pain so much better since using seaweed. It has definitely made a difference to my PMS


No more period pain. Fantastic

Catherine from Melbourne

Seaweed reduced my pain from 9 down to 2. I noticed pain but it didn’t stop me from doing anything! Normally I spend a whole day in a very hot bath in pain.

Michelle Australia

My periods are currently very erratic, so it’s hard to evaluate, but the month I took seaweed I didn’t need as much pain relief as I would usually expect to and less PMS although again, it can be unpredictable anyway. A promising result.

Jane from Somerset UK

No more painful cramps during PMS. The first day of my period still sucks, but the following days are basically painless.


For years, my periods have been so bad that I have been in immense pain, unable to move, sometimes losing consciousness, throwing up, unable to sleep, even with NSAIDs and a hot water bottle around the clock. Every month I factor in two days of non-work due to my period, and fortunately these two days fall on a weekend so I don’t miss too much work, but it is miserable. My first period after trying the seaweed capsules (every other day – I forgot to take them every day) was practically painless. The pain went from an 8-10 down to a 2-4, sometimes 0, and felt more like having an uncomfortably full bladder, or a dull ache, than the usual excruciating period pain. Amazing.

Emma from Newcastle, UK

I wish I’d known about this a year ago

C from Scotland

I found that my pain was reduced significantly and after taking the capsules for two cycles, my third cycle was not only less painful, but not as heavy and one day shorter. It was the first time I havent used any pain medication (on day 1-2) in years. I have a good back up supply of capsules and I hope to replicate this success in the months to come

Nic from Australia

More Period Pain Testimonials of Reduction

It has taken my pain level down from a 10/10 to a 5/10 in the few months I have been taking it.


I have mild pain before and during period particularly at nighttime. I started taking it a week before my period and noticed a substantial difference which I wasn’t expecting- like no pain


The Seaweed has been a blessing. Last year I got a Copper IUD inserted and since then, I have had the most horrific period pain. It comes randomly even when I don’t have my period. It tears through and has once bought me to my knees in public. This seaweed has been a miracle. My pain has subsided and I’m more happy and back to being me instead of munching down a packet of painkillers every week! Thank you ????

Kat P from Australia

This is a game changer

Sara Australia

Definitely an improvement. I still have pain on day 1 and had to take painkillers. My periods did get lighter and less painful post day 1

Zina from Sydney

I didn’t see any changes in my period pain after 30 days of use


I have only been taking the seaweed for 1.5 months so far. My period pain symptoms were 7/10 and I did not have to take any heavy pain medication or sleep on the couch.

Vanessa from Sydney

If you or a friend / daughter / Grand-daughter suffers from dysmenorrhea, why not try? Full money back guarantee. If it does not provide a benefit then no questions asked.

Reduced my heavy flow significantly in just one month

Carly from Melbourne

Since taking the capsule i notice that im not having menstrual cramps lately and its more comfortable in my period days.

Ross from Philippines

I have found this brand of sea moss has had a noticeable effect on my knee pain and a noticeable effect on my mood in a positive way.

Marilyne Sussex, UK

I found that the pain was less. Duration slightly shorter. Heaviness slightly less.

Erin from Melbourne

Feel much better, hormones less varied and far less bloating and headaches gone!


Pain intensity reduced somewhat


My period sneaks up on me when I am taking the seaweed as my symptoms are so reduced. When it begins, it’s the first time in many years that I have actually been able to work/play/do whatever I would normally do! I stopped taking the seaweed to ensure that this was what was improving my symptoms. After one month with pain again, I will be ordering for as long as you are selling!

Tiffany from Sydney

Even More Period Pain Testimonials of Reduction

I feel that the supplement has helped more with the heaviness. My flow is much lighter than it was, and clotting appears to have improved. Pain is better, but not significantly. Pms is about the same, maybe less mood swings, but physical symptoms seem the same. It is worth noting that I have a fibroid to which my heavy flow was attributed. I have also lost a lot of weight which can’t be explained – I am inclined to attribute it to the supplement.


At the same time as starting the seaweed supplements, I’d changed my diet to a more clean eating, and after the first month I didn’t notice I was due on, my pmt was massively reduced and I had no cramps.

RH from Hampshire

There was no change at all to my monthly period pain.

Ina from Melbourne

Mild Endometriosis. Before taking tablets, I would have pain 7/10 over 48 hours. Waking me if I did not take pain killers regularly. Reduced to a pain level of 3-4 out of 10 for 24 hours max and able to sleep through the night. No painkillers

Nataha, Melbourne

Within 2-3 days after taking seamoss I had way more energy, more mental focus and clarity than I had had in a very long time!

Phoenix from Australia

I noticed less bloating and feeling of stagnation in lower back and abdomen before the period, period pain is much less, I don’t need to take painkillers now, also I noticed less swelling of feet before and during the period

Marie from Australia

It changed my pain level by about 30%, not enough to stop taking naproxen though. And my flow was slightly less than usual.

Kat from Melbourne, Aus

I have had very painful, often debilitating periods for many years now with mood swings to match. I have already noticed significant difference in both pain and moods since taking this product.


Period pain didn’t noticeably improve, however I didn’t experience the aching low back this month which I normally do. I also normally get arthritic pain in an old injury in my left foot that flares up with my period which didn’t make an appearance at all.


After 6 weeks of taking 2 capsules a day, my last period was noticeably less painful. My mood was improved too!

Naomi from Cornwell, UK

Significant change to the what been normal deluge.

Julia, West Yorkshire UK

My period cycle appeared to be shorter. I had a lot less camps. I did however still have 3 pain killers to help too (which is normal for me to take within a period).

Caz from Hertfordshire

The period pain was pretty much the same, maybe a little less intensive, but the amount of period blood lessened


My pain and period reduced from 10 to 4 within 3 months


There was no significant difference to cycles without seaweed.


The length of my period has noticeably shortened. I used to have around 5 days of very light bleeding before what felt like my proper period started. After just a week of taking only one tablet a day my period started slightly later and was a normal full period. It seems to be stopping after only 5 days instead of the usual 10-12 and I have had no period paid. I usually only have it for the first day or so but this time absolutely nothing!

Vicki , UK

I’ve found initially the period lasted longer. This time period is late, have had intermittent cramping and pms symptoms for a week but no period. Normally very regular. (Not pregnant)


Amazing improvement in my mood and energy levels

Amanda from Manchestore

My pain was greatly reduced after two months at half the recommended dosage. I would say it went from an 8.5 down to a 4.
I wish I’d known about this year ago!

Liz from Sydney

Thank you for all you do, and I so wish this product worked for me, it would have been an answer to my prayers!”

I wish I could say that it was a magical thing where all my symptoms disappeared, but I can’t. However, I have noticed some promising signs that I’m on the right track. I have had slightly shorter menstruation, and although they have still been rather heavy (the cause of my anemia) I think it takes a while to see significant change when we’re dealing with hormones. I am onto my second bag as of today, so we’ll see how it goes.


I still take seaweed when I remember about once a week, still have lots so thank you. Really enjoyed this and definitely did reduce my period pains and have stopped taking my other period pain medication all together.

Molly, NZ

I have gone through 3 bags now and need to reorder. I was tossing it up though as I’ve been trialling lots of things for years now and seem to be edging closer to less painful periods so questioning how much it had helped and if my other suppliments were enough to keep me ok???
I decided to reorder.


I do feel there was improvement (not 100% sure from starting the seaweed, but around this time. I feel id be a person that takes longer to see amazing results as some have in a short time. I think the seaweed has helped and going to continue.

I love the passion behind helping people that you have!

So far so good! I’m noticing small improvements already.


This is a long report from someone who suffered from really painful (however varying) periods for years. Anna has given here three cycles to fully assess (as they differ in pain intensity). This is what she says.

Over the past few years this was my experience:
* cramping ahead of day 1 to signal upcoming period
* high discomfort
* use of NSAIDS for a few days EVERY cycle (this grew into a concern about long term effects which partly made your product more appealing to me)
* over the past 2 years or so, every ~2 cycles debilitating pain and nausea on day 1. “”I can’t think straight”” level of pain, maybe 11 out of 10
* NSAIDS even on an empty stomach to take the edge off the pain, stomach acid issues sometimes followed due to nuking with the painkiller.
* Hyperventilation from the pain of cramps and having to paper-bag myself to not pass out.

This is my experience after 2 months with seaweed
* On the second cycle I have noticed a significant reduction in pain
almost no early cramping signals; very slight twinges and that was about it
* some pain and discomfort on day 1; I rested and though it was uncomfortable for a few hours I didn’t use the NSAIDS and managed okay…!!!! 5/10 pain!!
* no pain after day 1!!!
The last two months have been DEFINITELY a lot better. The only thing stopping me singing on top of my lungs about sea moss and your product is just giving myself that extra time to properly assess and compare but so far it’s SO promising, the first thing in years that’s giving me hope I can permanently reduce period pain, which means so so so much. Quite frankly can’t see myself discontinuing.
(Aside from pain, everything everyone’s said about stronger nails and hair – unbelievable!! the difference is quite staggering and very quickly visible, also, generally feel healthier and stronger, it’s the first January in years I haven’t felt exhausted or affected by SAD, I know it’s quite a general statement but I definitely feel better overall) So a thousand thank yous for your groundbreaking work!


“My experience with sea moss is very positive so far, mostly I like it’s taste, I really enjoy chewing on it and it’s seaweedy flavour, I think maybe it s because my body must be needing iodine,
Also it kind of satisfies my craving for salty and crunchy stuff in a healthy way, and I noticed reduction in inflammation and swelling in the body,
I have not completed my month trial yet, my cycle is starting soon so I should be able to see if it makes difference in period pain, but apart from that I really enjoy making it a part of the diet and will definitely order more powder


I ended up taking the seaweed for 2 months, and plan to order some more now I’ve settled. I’ve had terrible period pain for years and have tried everything, been through the doctors numerous times, tried all the painkillers, different contraceptives. Sometimes my pain is so bad I vomit or faint. I was really impressed with the effect the seaweed had! I did not experience any reduction in pain, however, my periods went from lasting 5-7 days to lasting 2-3 days. For me this is incredible, I am really pleased with the results.

I think I’m probably quite a complicated case, so I wasn’t expecting a reduction in pain, but a reduction in duration is amazing to me. To be honest I didn’t expect it to work, as I have tried so many things in the past (for over a decade!)


During my first months trial I’d changed my diet too so when my period arrived (which took my by surprise as I had no normal triggers) I was amazed. I put it down to both the seaweed and healthier eating. Even my pmt was improved. I did order another batch as the month after when I wasn’t taking them was mildly painful. I also decided to keep using them because I’m now in my 40’s and felt they would be good for my overall health as I move into the later stages of my life ????


I don’t think it helped my period pain but my skin has improved. I’ve had warts on my hands for the past year and they’ve gone.


I had a positive experience since I took the seaweed. I now have a regular menstruation and less to no pain every month unlike before it was irregular and I felt like dying every menstruation due to severe pain brought by dysmenorrhea. The seaweed really helped me a lot. Thank you for this product!


My experience has been positive, I did experience a lessening of pain though I do still get some pain and actually the period before last the pain was back to pre seaweed levels and then dropped again the next period. I’m definitely happy to continue taking it as I do see it’s had an positive affect on me


“For me the experience was good… but not enough to keep taking it. I am going through a gp to find more about my adenomyosis. The seaweed help my pain lower a little, say from a 8 to a 6.


“My experience was positive. I feel that it was more beneficial for my arthritis then period pain given my age.
I stopped taking it for a couple of weeks and I noticed my aches and pains were worse especially first thing in the morning. They improved when I started taking it again.
I only take Two a day now at night. But think I might change to taking them in the morning.


“I have definitely noticed the side effect of my nails growing much faster!
I decided to take part in the trial because if my heavy and painful period and mood swings in the run up to period. As my period happened on week 2 of taking the seaweed, I am not sure that it was that very different from before. I have ordered another month’s supply to check.


I haven’t noticed any change at all which I think was expected given I have PCOS. However I am keen to purchase more and give it at least two months to see if it helps! Have been meaning to look on your website and order so will do


“Positive. I have lapsed in taking it and experienced a painful period last time even though I’m on progestin. Will start taking it again after being reminded of this. ???? I’ll also keep a closer eye on how it affects other pms symptoms.”


I have reordered the seaweed as I noticed the difference of not taking it for 2 months – the PMS came back and the period pain. Back on it the last few weeks and I notice the change – no PMS symptoms and a lighter period with minimal pain. It is a great product and I will continue with it.


I have experienced what I would class as 10/10 pain and negative symptoms during my period over this last year, it had really escalated and blood tests and scans showed nothing untoward. The first month I took these tablets I noticed a reduction in symptoms to maybe 8/10 even this was a tiny relief as I was unable to eat, sleep, work for days before. This month at the moment the feedback is more 4/10 which is another step forward, pms is reduced and the pain is much reduced. I’m hoping to purchase a further batch to see if this improvement continues as it will be life changing if it does.


I’ve had a positive experience with the seaweed, I only take 2/day (otherwise will be too expensive) but even at that level my period days have reduced and definitely less pain, though still taking painkillers the first day. It’s quite amazing actually.


I found it didn’t really help with my period pain but it definitely helped with pain in between and also helped my IBS symptoms.


My last period (& first since taking seaweed) was actually quite heavy & painful the first couple of days. Not sure if this is a one-off. I seem to have gone all over the place in the last year! I used to be regularly a day or so ‘late’ but maybe that was my normal then I started being a day or 2 early…I have PCOS so hormonal imbalance. I started supplementing with inositol & exercising more. I’m getting my normally-PMS related acne at strange times of the month -same for breast tenderness.

I won’t be giving up on the seaweed & think I need to give it more time, perhaps increase to 3 a day & that it should have other healthy benefits/thyroid regulating effects perhaps aside from hoping to reduce period pain. Though that was my main motivation.


I just had my period after taking the seaweed for a month. My pain is usually around a 7 or 8 on the pain scale and I have to take one or two days off work. I just had my period after taking the seaweed for a month. I often throw up on my period from the intensity of the pain and just spend the two days in bed. Well, I still can’t really believe it, but my pain from this last period was around a 3 on the pain scale! I still had pain, but it was manageable and it didn’t interfere with my day-to-day activities. I had no nausea and I didn’t have to stay home from work at all! I can’t believe it. It’s amazing!

Kiarra from Sunshine Coast

If you or a friend / daughter / Grand-daughter suffers from dysmenorrhea, why not try? Full money back guarantee. If it does not provide a benefit then no questions asked.

I started taking biosea seaweed to address PMDD and extremely painful periods that had been getting worse for the last few years. I took half the recommended dose (2 pills per day) and saw a marked improvement over six months, to the point where I was having almost painless periods that felt more like mild indigestion that the crippling pain I was used to – for the first time in the longest time, I got through a month without Naproxen and a hot water bottle, which is kind of a miracle. I would say that my pain and symptoms went from a 9 to a 4, and I also saw a noticeable improvement in my moods. The results were really amazing, I would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling with pain and PMDD!


I really had a good experience with the seaweed and am happy to write you an endorsement. I have already got two of my friends to purchase. The reason I haven’t repurchased myself is that I am having issues with intra-menstrual bleeding, and while my doctors are trying to figure it out I thought it was best to stop the seaweed in case it was masking the symptoms or even contributing to it. So, I will be most likely be reordering once I get a diagnosis, which I expect will probably be endometriosis, a hormone imbalance, or a thyroid issue. The cost is an issue, but I do believe in the product and if I continue to see results when I start again it will become a regular thing.


it worked very well. My pain eased but second time i stopped taking as i have a whole bunch of tablets to take and forget or dislike taking them everyday.
My nails and skin also benefited…
I’ll try again another round and see.”


Hi was very helpful in regulating my menses. Thanks!!!


“I took the seaweed for a month leading up to my period in December. I’d been experiencing painful cramps and nausea the whole year, and was just looking for anything to break the cycle.
Honestly, I felt good taking the supplement. I’m not if there was anything I’d call clinically significant, but my digestion seemed more balanced.
My PMS and cramping hit at about the same strength as usual (very uncomfortable, nauseating, need painkillers to manage, but not totally debilitating) but seemed to only last one day. Generally I get at least two days, and the cramps will wake me up early in the morning. None of that this time.
Interestingly, my January period seemed a lot less painful and more manageable, too, even though I wasn’t taking the seaweed anymore.
So, I’d say my experience was positive overall, and I’d be interested to try taking the supplements for a longer time when I have the funds again.


“So the seamoss is amazing. Thanks for having me trial it, it has absolutely dimiished my period pain (which has me usually bedridden and vomiting because no pain killers can address my pain issue).
I now have a minor cramp; infact twice I thought oh, maybe I’ll be getting my period this week.. followed by omg I have it.
Cannot express my amazement enough.”

Smadhi from Melbourne, Australia

Positive. I believe it has helped to regulate and improve my cycle. Many thanks.


Was sceptical though can now report your claims appear to hold water. Period duration decreased, and was considerably lighter. Still had a little discomfort though perhaps not quite as much. Jury is out on that.


With seaweed, 1st month, about 25% reduction. 2nd month slightly less effect but I think I was good at taking it at least 2 weeks before period.
Ever since, take for 2/4 weeks at best, I get fed up and forget, and not helping much at all esp not on heavy days/nights.


I am still taking the seaweed and have found that it, along with Happy Hormones, have improved my mood swings that usually occur 3-4 days prior to getting my period, considerably.

Catherine from Sunshine Coast

Her first period, after taking the seaweed tablets (and following the directions religiously) was a 60% reduction in pain intensity. From a 10 to a 4 on your chart. Instead of the usual having to be in bed with pain killers and doubled up around a hot water bottle for a whole day, she did not need to go to bed at all, only had a hot water bottle for short time, and took only half the pain killers she usually takes. She was able to function pretty normally with discomfort. She’s onto her second month now and hoping for more improvement.
The ‘experiment’ feels very promising.”

Annette, from NZ

“I’ve found that my periods have changed. The pain has gone from a high 8 to a varied 7 to 3.

I’ll continue to take these tablets even though the outcome is not consistent everytime my period comes around. Sometimes it works, somtimes it doesn’t. But good relief 70% of the time is better than never. And some relief 100% of the time is pretty good too.
Not sure if this is due to the tablets but now, my cramping starts a week before my period. Before, my periods would only hurt during my period. The earlier pain however is more subdued, almost like a warning that I should be expecting it.


I tried the seaweed for a month and I was very pleased with the results. However being a terrible scientist, I changed a couple of things that month including taking up regular exercise and calcium supplements. In order to try and tease out what was actually having the most effect, I stopped the seaweed (I ran out anyway) and calcium and stuck with the exercise. It doesn’t look like the exercise alone cuts the mustard (although it certainly has lots of other benefits so I am continuing with it) so I ordered more seaweed which has arrived (thank you) but I keep forgetting to take it…
Things I noticed after my first month was
* the duration of my period pain was much less (1-2 days instead of 2-4 days) but the intensity of pain did not seem to change
* there was a substantial reduction in the intensity and duration of all PMS symptoms such that I had virtually no irritability, fatigue, soreness of breasts, abdominal pain or headaches
* I did not get the strong and tough fingernails! I was very disappointed at this as I have had lousy fingernails forever.


I first took the Seaweed on December 19, 2020. Since then, my menstruation has been regular for two months and the pain has been significantly reduced. Its a good development. Thank you


“I’ve found that my periods have changed. The pain has gone from a high 8 to a varied 7 to 3.
I’ll continue to take these tablets even though the outcome is not consistent everytime my period comes around. Sometimes it works, somtimes it doesn’t. But good relief 70% of the time is better than never. And some relief 100% of the time is pretty good too.

Not sure if this is due to the tablets but now, my cramping starts a week before my period. Before, my periods would only hurt during my period. The earlier pain however is more subdued, almost like a warning that I should be expecting it.


“I would like to be honest with you. I was reluctant to respond, as I am not sure if I experienced a placebo effect or true pain period relief.
My reluctance is based on previous experiences with various supplements and treatments that were supposed to deliver different benefits, but never really lived up to the expectations. It is simply hard to believe I found something that will eliminate the need for painkillers and hot water bottles.

I have experienced a significant decrease in my period pain, which is the most prominent on the first day of my period.
Come afternoon, I was surprised to realize I felt no familiarly strong pain, only the feeling of heaviness in my lower abdomen.
I did not expect any positive effects of seaweed, as I only started my first month of use about a week prior.
I am now cautiously optimistic and interested in observing my next cycle.
With all this, I know I will be recommending Biosea Health to a friend of mine who is suffering from debilitating period pain.


“I can provide the following feedback on behalf of my daughter:
Reduced duration of menstruation from 10 days down to 7.
Reduced cramping duration from 4-5 days down to 3.
Pain is till extreme on those days and still requires additional pain medication.
She however feels better on it due to the face that the pain is on less days meaning she is less likely to miss as much school.”


I am really slack at sticking to supps and haven’t got around to ordering more. I did notice differences. Less pain, and less days. From the usual 8-10 to 7. This for me is huge.


Thanks so much for the trial seaweed. I have been taking 2 a day for the last two weeks. When my period came around the pain was less severe then the previous month. Though I was only taking two perday. I have now started on the four a day to see how I go in the next month and then I can distinguish if it’s making a difference. I will give further feedback in future.


Overall I’ve found the experience taking the seaweed very positive. I’ll definitely continue taking it.

I’m someone who has had extremely bad period pains for just over 10 years now. My doctor also thinks I may have some degree of endometriosis, but given I only experience the pain during my period, she recommended I don’t go in for surgery yet as it may make the pain worse due to scar tissue etc.
I’ve been working with my doctor for a few years to manage the pain – tried various forms of hormonal birth control which I can no longer take due to it giving me severe migraines, specific pain medications (ponstan etc.), as well as taking zinc in the week before my period. None of these have really made any difference in the pain levels. Thankfully she’s an amazing doctor, and she’s actually been quite upset that we haven’t been able to find anything that works for me.
Usually with taking pain medication I would still have pain at around an 8-9/10 level on the first day of my period. I’d get some mild relief from using a hot water bottle and tens unit – that would maybe bring the pain down to a 7/10. I would also often experience bad nausea and vomiting. For the first day of my period I would be completely bed ridden, and likely for the second day as well, although the pain would be a little less by then. It has been bad enough that my boyfriend has asked me numerous times if I need to go to the ER.

Since taking the seaweed I’ve found that my pain has lessened significantly. After 1 month of taking it I had a small improvement, but I was still stuck in bed for a couple of days. After 2 months I noticed more of an improvement, from memory I was still in bed on the first day, but I wasn’t in as much pain. I think I noticed the biggest difference after taking it for 3 months. I still experience some pain now, but it’s maybe at 5/10 on the first day, and if I take some Ibuprofen and use my tens unit it’s now very manageable. I actually managed to go to work on the first day of my period a while ago and was on my feet for hours (hospitality) and I was fine. That’s the first time I’ve been able to do anything on that day for years. It’s lessened my anxiety now that I don’t have to call in sick every single month

Initially I was a bit skeptical trying the seaweed because nothing else has ever really worked, but I was getting so desperate for something to alleviate the pain. It’s honestly ended up being fantastic, it’s literally given me back 2-3 days every month, and I don’t have to deal with the excruciating pain anymore. I’m going to continue buying the capsules, and on that note I think it would be great if you offered a subscription option! “


If you or a friend / daughter / Grand-daughter suffers from dysmenorrhea, why not try? Full money back guarantee. If it does not provide a benefit then no questions asked.