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Misc Payments

If you need to pay a miscellaneous amount then we provide many options.

  • Pay a Xero Invoice
  • Pay by bank transfer
  • Pay by PayPal or Credit Card

1. Payment of a Xero Invoice

The payment details are on the invoice. The invoice also provides a Pay Now on the top left hand side of the page, and we accept most credit cards.

2. Payment Direct Deposit

Bank Transfer.  Our Australian bank is Marine Algae Pty Ltd,  BSB 084-001 account 949343229.  Please use the Invoice Number or other info for reference please. Contact us for Philippine, NZ or UK bank details

Our Swift Code is NATAAU3303M  BSB (bank, state, branch) and account number.

Payment by Paypal or Credit Card

To make a miscellaneous payment by credit card or Paypal then click this button below.

If you do not have a paypal account – no problem – Paypal accepts credit card payments without a Paypal account! When the page changes to the PayPal site just click on the Check Out as Guest button. An example screen Shot is below.

Example of misc payment
Screen Shot of PayPal Screen. Make sure the URL is

We accept Visa Mastercard and AMEX. Click on the Pay Now Button below.

This will take you to the secure PayPal site and asks you for details. Send us an email or message to let us know for immediate shipment, as it may take a couple of days before we get notified.

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