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Biosea Chocolate 800 grams

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Biosea Choc 16pcs x 8 bars. Guilt-Free Chocolate. Price includes shipping.

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Biosea Choc 4 x 4 bar, 4 bars per month (800g). Guilt-Free Health Vegan, dark chocolate non GMO with tasty seaweed. (tastes like coconut) Price includes shipping.
Some suggest you purchase some powder, and make your own. Recipe is on the Bioseahealth website is at

Easy DIY – take a dark chocolate from a supermarket – E.g. Aldi 85% Dark. Grab an ice tray. Gently melt the choc in a microwave, add in about 15%  powder. Stir, then put mix back into the ice tray and refrigerate to cool.  Eat a block (say 15g per day which provides the 4 g of seaweed).

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Weight 0.8 g
Dimensions 16 × 9 × 2 cm
Subscription Biosea Choc

1 Month Supply, 2 Months Supply


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